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The archaeological site of Malinalco

The archaeological site of Malinalco in the state of Mexico, known locally as the Hill of the idols means "place of worship Malinalxochitl, responsible Mexica goddess of witchcraft and other dark arts. Yet the archaeological llava the name taken from the old populated and not necessarily related to these rites dedicated to this goddess as shown by archaeological evidence recovered. In the archaeological remains exist Malinalco prehispanic ceremonial and military that were built by a local group before 1476, when it was conquered by the Aztecs. These constructions are such that served as surveillance point and crossing point because there is observed Malinalco valley in its entirety. This valley was a natural route for trade in the region. How to get there? Located 99 kilometers from Mexico City d ela down the road towards the Marchioness atoluca subsequently tenango towards the valley near the village of Santa Maria Jajalpa take the diversion to Malinalco. From the city of Toluca take the road Tenango - Jajalpa then Jajalpa, Malinalco. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

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