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yuriria city located in the state of hidalgo

Yuriria, Guanajuato

The original name of the city was Yuririapundaro, in Purepecha means "Place of Blood" was named after Yuririhapúndaro, until today it is called Yuriria.

Yuriria City is located at 100 ° 08 '19'' longitude west of Greenwich and 20 ° 12' 51'' north latitude. Bounded on the north and east by the municipalities of Valle de Santiago and Jaral Progress on the east by the municipalities of Santiago Maravatío Salvatierra, on the south and west by the State of Michoacan. The key locations throughout the municipality are: Yuriria, San Pablo Casacuarán, La Caldera, Zempoala Hill, San Andres, Enguaro, Santa Monica, Ozombilla, Tejocote of Calera, Tinaja de Pastores, and Porullo Xoconoxtle.

Yuriria Township (in Purepecha Yuririhapundaro Location lake of blood) is one of 46 municipalities in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The municipal seat is the city of Yuriria, notable for its location and its historical significance. Formerly known as San Pablo Yuririhapúndaro. It is located in the subregion III southwest of the state of Guanajuato. This town is also a lake called "Laguna de Yuriria".

Lake Yuriria
It is one of the first hydraulic works of the colonial era, built in 1584, for the purpose of serving as glass regulator Lerma River water to irrigate the fertile farmland area, this artificial lake has been considered for their extraordinary work time. It is one of the largest hydraulic reservoirs in the state, with 17 km. long and 6 km. wide, when water is available with several islands, among which are the San Pedro Island and the Fort and the Goats, two islands that together form the strong Liceaga, which served as the General Liceaga to deal with Augustine Iturbide during the forty days of resistance in the struggle for independence. The Lake has been an engineering marvel and one of the main cultural attractions of this part of Guanajuato.

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