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Viesca Township is located in the southwestern state of Coahuila,

Viesca, Coahuila

Viesca Township is located in the southwestern state of Coahuila, at coordinates102 ° 48'16 "west longitude and 25 ° 20'28" north latitude, at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level.

Viesca is a Mexican village in the Mexican state of Coahuila, is located 70 km from the city of Torreon. It currently has 3 610 inhabitants.

the town of Viesca is located in the municipality of Viesca (in the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza). It has 3472 inhabitants. Viesca is at 1100 meters altitude.

The area, located just a few kilometers from the county seat, is now offering more and better services after the government of Professor Humberto Moreira Valdésmade ​​improvements to increase the interest of passersby.
The current administration, he said, it spends more than a million dollars in work to enrich the tourist development of the Dunas de Bilbao. Among them, he said, is the construction of the entrance arch, house, access road of 200 meters with lights andcenter strip, cord gutter, parking area. Also, 14 palapas for family recreation, of which seven are octagonal, round six more commercial and 20 meters long.

Also, it electrified the access road, was placed a transformer toilets and showerswere rehabilitated, which includes the installation of the respective tank with pump.

Viesca is located in the Municipality Viesca the State of Coahuila in Mexico andGPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -102.806667

Latitude (dec): 25.342500

The town lies at an average height of 1100 meters above sea level.

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Por la Orilla de Agua, Viesca, Coah.

Juan Guerra, Viesca, Coah.

Dunas de Bilbao 2

Recuerdos de la Planta de Sulfatos, Viesca, Coah.

dunas de bilbao

Bienvenidos a Viesca Coah.

Panteòn Mpal.

La Cabaña en Ruinas

Vista a los cerros


Vista al atardecer

Iglesia de Viesca, Coah.

Calle central, Viesca

A la entrada

Dunas de Bilbao. Viesca, Coahuila, México.

Llegando a Plaza del Carmen

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes

Calle principal de Viesca

Antigua salitrera. Viesca, Coahuila, México.

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