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salvatierra is one of the 46 municipalities of guanajuato

Salvatierra, Guanajuato

The municipality was founded in what the ancient people called Guatzindeo prehispanic Purepecha named means "place of stone piles or place of beautiful vegetation," it was not until the first of April, 1644 when the city is built legally under the name San Andrés de Salvatierra, under the ordinance issued on February 9 of that year by the viceroy García Sarmiento de Sotomayor.

Salvatierra is one of the 46 municipalities of the Mexican state of Guanajuato.Sitting on the fertile valley Huatzindeo ("Location beautiful vegetation") and known for being the first river to which he was awarded the title of city in the state of Guanajuato, Salvatierra offers an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony to wanderthe streets of the Historic Center,

Salvatierra name to the ancient pre-Hispanic inhabitants called Guatzindeo or "place of beautiful vegetation."


The town of Salvatierra, county seat, is located in the 100 ° 53 '46'' longitude west of Greenwich and 20 ° 12' 56'' north latitude, its height above sea level is 1.749 meters.


Historical sources tell us that the oldest resident of this neighborhood was an Indian named Juan Miguel, son of Diego Hernandez and Catalina de la Cruz, both of nearby neighbors Huatzindeo Valley. Soon after the founding of the town of Salvatierra he reached it the Indian Juan Miguel, looking for somewhere suitable to live with his family, then decided to found an established neighborhood of Otomi Indians on the banks of the city, which convened several Indians of that ethnic group, who undertook to populate the neighborhood and became mayor Juan Miguel; to 1659 he appeared before the council Salvatierra for being awarded a land grant of 500 rods (a rod is equivalent to 838 mm) square, covering the big bridge (Bridge today Batanes) to the ditch of Don Juan de Samano (now channel Reform).

Municipality of Salvatierra (in the State of Guanajuato). It has 36,306 inhabitants.Salvatierra is 1760 meters above sea level

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Hacienda San José del Carmen

Pasaje Leandro Valle

Salvatierra Gto.

Llegando a Salvatierra

Escultura del Ángel Libertario de Salvatierra

cerro culiacan desde la carretera(view of cerro culiacan from the road)

La Moncada Gto, Jardin

Santo Niño de las Maravillas


El Jardin


Templo de San José del Carmen

Calle Melchor Ocampo Esq. 16 de Septiembre

Salvatierra 7

Salvatierra 2

Rinconada de los Franciscanos

Ángel Libertario de Salvatierra

La bufa y sierra de los Agustinos desde la Moncada, Gto

Maravatio Del Encinal

Río Lerma desde Puente de Batanes

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