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Hopelchén Township Hopelchén (in the State of Campeche)

Hopelchen, Campeche

The word Hopelchén, according to its etymological roots, consists of Ho (five), Pel (termination for counting) and Chen (well), meaning "place of the five wells."


Hopelchén Township, is located east of the state, is located at the geographic coordinates 89 ° 06 'and 90 ° 09' west longitude and 17 ° 48 'and 20 ° 11' north of Greenwich.

Its boundaries are: north to the neighboring state of Yucatan, on the south by the municipality of Calakmul, and west by the municipalities of Champoton, Campeche, and Hecelchakán Tenabo.

The town is located in the Hopelchén Township Hopelchén (in the State of Campeche). It has 6760 inhabitants. Hopelchén is 100 meters.

The Municipality of Hopelchén, is one of 11 municipalities in the Mexican state of Campeche, located in the eastern part of the state. Its county seat is the city of Hopelchén.

The township has a total of 462 locations. The main towns and their populations are:
Campeche over

Location: Campeche Yucatan bordered to the north, south with Tabasco and Guatemala, to the east by Quintana Roo and Belize, and west by the Gulf of Mexico
Weather: Warm and humid with an average temperature of 26 ° C
Tourist Information Campeche: Campeche: Av Ruiz Cortines s / n. Plaza Moch-Couoh; Calkiní: Municipal Palace, Calle 20 s / n Col. Centro, Champotón: Municipal Palace, Calle 25 S / N, between 23 and 25 Col. Centro, Candelaria Av July 1 s / n, Col . Centre; Cd Del Carmen: Calle 22 # 31 Colonia Centro
Getting There: By Air: Campeche, Cd del Carmen Road: With some of the bus lines that circulate throughout the national territory
Crafts: Hammocks, Guayaberas, carved wood, pottery, textiles, Hats
Archaeology: Calakmul (Cultural Heritage of Humanity), Edzná, Becan, Chicana, Balamkú, Dzibalchen, Nohcacab, Toh-Cok, Cayalá, Tahcob, Acanmul, Santa Rosa Xtampak, Huaymil, Ant, Jaina Island, Xpujil, Tabasqueño, The Doll, Hochob, Nadzcaan, Dzibilnocac, Silvituc, El Tigre, CONHU, Xicalango, Rio Bec, Wall of the Kings, El Ramonal, Altamira, Chunhuhub, Kanki, Okolhuitz, Xcalumkim

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Hopelchen, México.
Photo March 2007

Hola Hopelchén
Biblioteca Municipal
Sur une route du Yucatan
Arboles Mercado Hopelchen

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