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Comala is a town in the Mexican state of Colima, located north

Comala, colima

Comala Township is located north of the state, between
the coordinates 19 ° 18 'and 19 ° 32' north latitude and between 103 ° 37 'and
103 ° 57 'west longitude.

It is 6 kilometers from the city of Colima and bounded on the north
the state of Jalisco (municipality of Zapotitlan) and the municipality of
Cuauhtémoc, the West with Minatitlán and Villa de Alvarez to the south and

Comala is a town in the Mexican state of Colima, located north
thereof, between latitudes 19 ° 18 'and 19 ° 32' north latitude and between
103 ° 37 'and 103 ° 57' west longitude. Bordered on the north and Zapotitlán
Cuauhtémoc, on the west Minatitlán, and South and East Villa de Alvarez.

It is classic and cuisine of appetizers and snacks varied
accompanied by beer, punch, soft drinks or other beverages in the
famous "Comala portals", for which demand has spread to other
restaurants-bars of the same gender (and owners) at the entrance to
Comala, which provide the same services but with culinary
more room. Thus Comala was enhanced with increasing
strength in what refers to tourism, thanks to its
addition to the "Peoples magic" of Mexico, but not only
"Los Portales", but for its architectural beauty of singular charm,
their customs and traditions and its climate, of course, between
other attractions, in reason, has recently sprung a
Most other services that do not exist or are emerging;
such is the case of hostels (concept brought from Europe, which is
to offer national and foreign tourism, 3-4 rooms-maximum-
in big houses, old, well maintained, spacious and rejuvenated). Other
concept that has generated renewed interest are the restaurants, cafes and bars
night, as some of the owners have arrived Comala
attracted precisely by the publicity that was generated for
further promote Comala.

The main festival of Comala is 12 December, the day of Our Lady of
Guadalupe, where you will find processions, bullfights, rodeos and
cockfighting. It also presents typical dances, a parade of
floats and fireworks.

The river separates the town Armory in two regions: a mountainous and
another part of the Valley of Colima. Its rivers and streams
important are the Zacualpan, San Antonio, Los Mezcales, La Caja,
San Juan Nogueras and Comala river, consisting of Reynosa,
Suchitlán and The Barragana.

Comala is located 8 km from the state capital. City
Colima, reached by State Highway 16.

the town of Comala is located in the Municipality of Comala (in the
State of Colima). Comala is to 627 meters.

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