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Ensenada Baja California It was discovered in 1542

Ensenada Baja California

It was discovered in 1542 by a Portuguese navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, whoupon arriving in this land named "San Mateo", then renamed the "Ensenada de Todos los Santos" when Sebastian Vizcaino arrived in 1602 in a November 2, the day in which Mexico celebrates the Day of All Saints day or the Dead.

It was not until 1870 when gold mines were discovered in Real del Castillo,Ensenada was put on the world map and he developed rapidly. Ensenada waswhen they named the capital of the Northern Territory of California in 1882. In beginning the new millennium mines had been exploited to its maximum capacity, and the capital was moved to Mexicali, returning to be a peaceful people and in itsearly days.


The main and most popular resorts are:

Spas: The Glens, located in the ejido The Skunk has two large pools, sports courts,grills, water slide, artificial lake with small boat rental.

The Palomar is in the delegation of St. Thomas, has a large pool, sports courts(tennis, basketball), restaurant, barbecue, sound weekends, etc..
There are also pools Maria Theresa in the Guadalupe Valley, Los Cardenas in the skunk, the resort of Teachers (SNTE) for the Tijuana-Ensenada free road, among others.

The most popular beaches are El Faro (sporting events) and Monalisa are located in the Chapultepec, San Miguel (rocky beach where surfing and camping) in theSauzal Rodriguez, La Joya in Maneadero, etc..) And Bay Angels

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