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huamuxtitlan guerrreo

huamuxtitlan guerrreo

The word derives from the Nahuatl word Huamuxtitlán cuamochitl - guamúchil and title which means "between guamuchiles" or place of huamuchil.

This town Huamuxtitlán is located north of the capital in the Mountain region, 215miles away about Chilpancingo, on the road Chilpancingo - Tlapa - Huamuxtitlán, between parallels 17 º 41 'and 17 º 54' north latitude and 98 º 26 'and 98 º 40' west longitude.

Huamuxtitlán is one of the 81 municipalities of the Mexican state of Guerrero. Part of the Mountain region and its head is the population of Huamuxtitlán.

The municipality of Huamuxtitlán is located northeast of the state of Guerrero, in theMountain region, and the geographical coordinates 17 º 41 'and 17 º 54' north latitude and 98 º 26 'and 98 º 40' west longitude. It has a total area of ​​432.5 hm ²which corresponds to a 0.68% over the state's land area. Bounded on the north bythe municipality of Xochihuehuetlán, Alpoyeca the south, east to the state of Oaxacaand west by the municipality of Cualác.1

On the streets of Huamuxtitlán, enjoy the customs of the mountains of Guerrero. Its inhabitants still retain traditional dress: women wear blouses and skirts in bright colors, tailored and embroidered by themselves, while men wear shirts and trousersof cloth, straw hat, sandals, belts and sheep wool coat, in cold season.

Huamuxtitlán is located 215 km north of Chilpancingo in the Mountain region.Chilpancingo Road - Tlapa - Huamuxtitlán.

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