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juxtlahuaca oaxaca

juxtlahuaca oaxaca

The word Juxtlahauaca has two etymological origins in indigenous languages​​,one from the Mixtec and is known as "Yosocuiya" of Yoso-Llano and Cuiyan-Year. Náhuatl or Mexican language is known as "Xiuxtlahuaca" which comes from the words and Huaca Xiuxtla-valley-wind, that means "Valley of the Wind."
Juxtlahuaca the town of Santiago is located in the municipality of SantiagoJuxtlahuaca (in the State of Oaxaca). It has 8972 inhabitants. SantiagoJuxtlahuaca is 1680 meters above sea level.

It limits the north with the municipality of San Sebastian Tecomaxtlahuaca and the municipality of San Miguel Tlacotepec south borders Putla District of Guerrero, on the east by the municipalities of Santos Reyes and San JuanTepejillo Mixtepec and west with the municipality of Coicoyán Flowers and limits of the state of Guerrero.
Geographical coordinates of Santiago Juxtlahuaca

17 ° 20 'north
98 ° 00 'west

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