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> Origin of name: It is said that the original name was Cuetzalan Quetzal, meaning "place abounding the quetzal," although the meaning is to Cuetzalan "bunch of red feathers tipped with precious blue on two teeth," a term associated with the tribute to the people of the empire Tenochca Cuetzalan.

> Location: Cuetzalan is located 174 km northwest of the city of Puebla and 85 km east of Zacatlán of Apples. The region where this unique town is located is part of the area known as Sierra Norte, an area of ​​humid tropical climate. Belong to two morphological regions: the Sierra Norte and the decline of the Gulf. The first is characterized by the formation of mountains more or less individual, parallel, compressed with each other and often form large or small plateaus, while the decline of the Gulf is characterized by numerous volcanic vents and isolated hills. The main feature is the long, low mountain range that crosses from west to east, the south, the mountain rises to 1 000 m above sea level, presents a series of peaks more or less aligned and lasts until Tlatlauquitepec. From the mountains to the south presents a sharp decline of more than 600 m in just 2 km to the river Apulco. The south-north decline is not as strong as the mountains to the south, it becomes 1 200 m in only nine miles.

Cuetzalan belongs to the northern side of the state, formed by the various basins of the rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and its tributaries are characterized by young and impetuous, with a lot of falls.

Located in the basin of Tecolutla, Cuetzalan is crossed by the Apulco, which runs through much of the Sierra Norte and the rivers and Zoquiate Cuichati, which run from west to east central part to join the Apulco.

Cuetzalan is located between the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, a little over 1.000 meters of altitude, it enjoys a warm humid climate. They are 174 miles that separate the city of Puebla in a scenic, abundant with beautiful panoramas.One of the main attractions is its geographical position between large and always very green deep ravines, through which rivers flow as Apulco, and Zoquiate Cuichati, Tecolutla Veracruz River tributaries. Its inhabitants produce one of the most aromatic coffees and recognized in the country.

Cuetzalan City is a town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Norte de Puebla. It municipal Cuetzalan del Progreso, one of the 217 municipalities in the state of Puebla. 183 kilometers far from Puebla de Zaragoza, the capital of Puebla.

One of the main features of the city is that its streets are large and sharp slopes.Was incorporated into the tourist system of Magical Towns in 2002. Its value lies in the development of indigenous life, with large numbers of people retaining their lifestyle, such as the development of indigenous radio for the area, or anthropological value of the large market that rises on Sundays.


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