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the Aviary in Puebla is considered as the best in Latin America

aviario puebla

Currently, the Aviary in Puebla is considered as the best in Latin America whose enormous steel structure in a half-sphere is now part of modern urban environment of Puebla, anyone who visits this place to observe birds in their natural environment because it is divided into four well-defined botanical gardens which mimic a forest, a rainforest, a desert area and finally a garden whose fruits they eat the host species, one of the main achievements power play successfully achieve species never before been in captivity.

But Bird is not only an exhibition space more, since most of their efforts are aimed at improving human interaction with the environment, on the basis of this research, offering educational workshops for children and adults, cooperation and exchange programs with other institutions in Mexico and the world.
Thus a few years ago, a small group of "birders" have managed to start one of the most successful conservation projects of its kind, friendly inviting you website visitors to live a new experience if your next destination is the very noble and historic (Angelopolix) "Puebla de los Angeles".

Botanical Gardens Rainforest Aviary Puebla. In just half an hour have been observed over 50 species of wild birds, but on one condition ... that you can discover the vegetation, which is essential for a quality city dwellers have lost, careful observation of her surroundings. The good observer and lover of nature can take all day or more to see over 1, 300 birds that the site contains one of the reasons is because some species are active only at dawn and during the commissioning sun, while during the hours of intense sun take refuge in the remotest places the Aviary offers.

Most of the floor of the aviary is designed to botanical gardens that mimic the different ecosystems of the state of Puebla: pine forest, garden, rainforest, waterfall and desert.

Most birds that are working are mainly of the orders Passeriformes (song birds), Psittaciformes (parrots and parakeets), Columbiformes (pigeons), Galliformes (quail, pheasants and hocofaisantes), and our main objective reproductionMexican wild birds.


$ 15.00 (adults), $ 10.00 (children)


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