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zitácuaro , michoacán

zitacuaro michoacán

Zitácuaro around you can enjoy the following stocks, which form part of the beautiful diversity of Michoacan, The Soul of Mexico.

· Presa del Bosque. Just 12 km. City Zitácuaro Huetamo the road to find this place for the camping and water sports. A 20 km. on the same road is the deviation from the "Jump Enandio", municipality of Benito Juárez, is a waterfall about 90 mt. high.

• San Matías. Pottery community located 12 km. Ciudad Hidalgo. The interesting thing about this place are the atrial crosses stories, for the eighteenth century. They count the people in the largest cross leaned against the children when they died. The basement of the smallest cross in the shape of the prehispanic temascales.
· City Hidalgo. Located 47 km. Zitacuaro and 102 km. east of the city of Morelia. The parish church is sixteenth century with a beautiful atrium cross in the center has a disk of obsidian, which speaks of the indigenous presence in its development. Here prepare canned fruits and vegetables and Easter is held the "Fair of the Conserva" other event is the All Saints on 1 November.Remarkable woodwork, ceramics and pottery.

Tourist Corridor · Pucuato dams, Sabaneta and Mata de Pinos. Federal highway No. 15, between Ciudad Hidalgo toward Mil Cumbres in a place called La Venta, located deviation, then to 8 km. tourist camp "Presa Pucuato" ideal site for camping and sport fishing. On the same road dams are located "Sabaneta" and "Mata de Pinos" a landscape of unique beauty with large wooded areas where visitors will find health, rest and entertainment.

Parador · Tziranda tourist caves. Located on U.S. Highway No. 15 to 10 km.Ciudad Hidalgo to Tuxpan. Visitors can admire the beauty and mystery of the small caves, vaults and rooms where nature has formed different shapes, you can view the fossilized leaves and roots. It's shelter 19 species of bats. One of the caves was used by Miguel Hidalgo and his brothers as a refuge. The account services that are arbors, guides and medical support. Inside you will find pleasant background music and light in color.

• San Felipe de los Alzati. Otomi Indian community. Located at 9 km. north of Zitacuaro. It has a temple known as San Felipe built during the XVI century, stands out for its beauty and cross the atrium monolithic obsidian disk center.Nearby is the Capilla de la Candelaria, for in ancient times to be the temple of women, has a wooden altarpiece and several sixteenth-century Spanish virgin features of different sizes, or wearing costumes Otomi.
Very near the town is located the archaeological zone of the same name which is a monumental ceremonial center Matlazinca home, located within the lands belonging to indigenous communities of San Felipe and Zirahuato. Open to the public from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

· Aporo. A small town like the peoples of the Meseta Purépecha. You step into the sanctuaries of the Monarch when accessing the motorway at the junction to Maravatío. Your car is an ecological corridor of beautiful landscapes. Here are produced in the quarry work, embroidery and delicious fruits and canned vegetables.

· Senguio. Located between Maravatío Aporo and with a setting of wooded landscapes and former haciendas. The temple of San Juan and the Franciscan monastery recently built part of the religious life of the place. Nearby is the Sierra Chincua, natural viewpoint to enjoy the vast variety of forest vegetation, beautiful attractive eastern Michoacan.

· Ocampo. Town located 18 km. San Felipe de los Alzati, surrounded by mountains full of pine, fir and cedar. Among its attractions is the temple of the Holy Child of Atocha and exhacienda Trojan. It features the largest sanctuary of the Monarch Butterfly, located in the Cerro del Campanario in the ejido "El Rosario".
· Angangueo. Trace characteristic colonial mining town and colorful, the houses mostly wooden railing in front and beautiful potted flowers. Site located 34 km.Zitacuaro by the diversion of San Felipe de los Alzati. They were famous for their mines and Carmen Catingón where you see the mine entrance of San Hilario.

They admire the Temple of the Conception, inspired by the Gothic style, the altar comes from Italy and the images of St. Joseph and Our Lady of Paris, the Parker House Museum, which contains a photographic chronicle of the era of the mining boom ; the tunnel tour of St. Simon, whose tour of the Parker house ending in the churchyard of the Conception. The viewpoint "Monument to the Miner", where visitors will see a beautiful panorama. It is recommended the feast of Santa Cruz, the tradition is celebrated. The craft is made is allusive to the Monarch Butterfly and also has fine silver jewelry work.

· Tuxpan. City located 28 km. northwest of Zitacuaro, among its attractions is the church of St. James, owner of the majestic oil painting "Las Animas" prepared in 1708 by Cristóbal de Villalpando. In preparing the traditional tie Tuxpan Michoacan so sweet home. Nearby are extensive plantings of gladiolus contemplate, chrysanthemums and a lot of orchards. A 4 km. towards the colony Vista del Valle is the waterfall "The jump of the Moor" with a height of 40 meters.

· Jungapeo. With a subtropical climate are hot springs located at 30 ° C. Place surrounded by waterfalls and unusual landscapes. Born in this county Route Health caudulosa springs strip running from the eastern boundary of the entity to the northwest corner of the Cienega de Chapala, the chemical composition of the therapeutic water treatments are special to balneocurativos.

· Tuzantla. Start the Tierra Caliente of Michoacán to the east, via the federal road-Huetamo Zitacuaro. Surrounded by orchards of mango, with the mighty river Tuzantla. Here there is the only shrimp farm in the state.

· Huetamo Nunez. Typical village in the Tierra Caliente, one of the accesses is the state road-Morelia-Carácuaro Huetamo, famous for gold jewelry, dishes like beef jerky in various presentations, the sausage and chorizo, cheese, nuts, green mango and plum sauce, chile guajillo, among others. Here the development of sandals and hats are in great demand.

• San Lucas. A short distance from this village is located Huetos which is attractive temple of the Virgin of the Conception, dating from the sixteenth century. Place visited by many pilgrims on February 2 and December 8. The trade show and craft begins February 2 great attractions. The food taste and quality excel beans pigs, the backbone of pork, bean sweets and capirotada.

· Carácuaro of Morelos. Cheerful people of the Tierra Caliente of Michoacán, lived here and served as the rebel priest Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon. Of this population with sixteen armed men went towards the struggle for national freedom. Is preserved after the main altar the "Black Christ of Carácuaro" in the sixteenth century was a gift from Fray Juan Bautista Moya, better known as the Apostle of Tierra Caliente. There is also a small museum with objects that belonged to the Servant of the Nation and a sculpture that the locals know as "Morelitos" for being Morelos as a child.

· Contepec. In this municipality we find comfortable and spas. Here is located the tourist center of Tepuxtepec, a large dam, the optimal site for water sports like sailing or motoesquí.

· Maravatío. Beautiful city located at the junction of the highway Maravatío (Guadalajara-Morelia, Mexico). Located in a vast and rich valley watered by the Lerma River. Among its attractions theater Morelos, the time of Porfirio Diaz, the parish church of San Juan Bautista of the sixteenth century, the chapel of the Immaculate Conception of the Mudejar style, the house where he was Don Miguel Hidalgo in 1810, and the pharmacy Refuge Here the visitor will experience the traditional nineteenth-century pharmacy, where medicines are still made the old technique. Among other is a region of former haciendas, one of whom was born the illustrious Melchor Ocampo. In the month of April, the agricultural fair, livestock, commercial and industrial.

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