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zamora de hidalgo

zamora de hidalgo

The origin of the name was Civitas Zamora, Murata which in Latin means "walled city" of there way to be abbreviations by Ci-Murata, and spending years in Ci-mura was to eventually be named Zamora.

However, Jose Andres Casquero says, "the name of Zamora seems to derive from Arabic word" Zamarat "which means emerald, both versions about what the name of Zamora are credible, as in the Latin is concerned, remember that the Spanish people, like the Italians and French, spoke a language derived from Latin, and with regard to Arabic, we know that in the eighth century, in 711 AD by janda battle, the Arabs and Moors conquered the Iberian peninsula.

Zamora de Hidalgo is a city in the state of Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico and head of the town of Zamora. In population ranks third among cities in the state, but along with its metropolitan area is only exceeded by the population of the capital, Morelia. It is also the main pole of development west of Michoacán and the city with the highest income per capita entidad.2 Nestled in a fertile valley, Zamora has always been the center of a fundamental economic Michoacán.The region is a major producer of blackberry and strawberry crops, and noted for its industrial activity with processing and packing of these fruits, mainly exported abroad, as well as being an area of ​​national importance for their businesses, known throughout the world. Its geographical location has allowed the city to be characterized by economic and commercial link between the major state capital (Morelia) and Guadalajara (Jalisco).

The Historic Centre of Zamora de Hidalgo is an urban area where it is located and architectural heritage of civil and religious in the Mexican city of Zamora de Hidalgo in the state of Michoacán.

Highlight architectural remains of the nineteenth and early twentieth century in styles such as neoclassical, eclectic, mostly Gothic. In a time when the city had a great economic boom that was reflected in its urban works of great artistic appreciation as it is the centenary of Teatro Obrero de Zamora neoclassical styles fusion samples as the Federal Palace of style Zamora eclectic, including compounds of great importance in terms of dimensions such as the Guadalupe Shrine Temple style considered the largest Gothic and the church with the tallest towers in Mexico and one of the largest temples in the world.

Moreover, the historical center of Zamora is also an exponent of the history of many famous people born in the city during their periods. Currently the center of the city is vast improvement in a process of urban, tourist and cultural order that highlights the program called "Zamora City of Light" which provides stage lighting to the most representative historic buildings.

Zamora de Hidalgo is located in the town of Zamora (in the State of Michoacán de Ocampo). It has 127,606 inhabitants. Zamora de Hidalgo is 1580 meters above sea level.

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