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San Jose Mogote has existed for over 3,500 years.

san josé mogote

San Jose Mogote has existed for over 3,500 years. It was probably the first town founded in the stage of the villages, and was the largest at that time.Guadalupe Etla includes land, any agency of San Jose Mogote and land in San Sebastian Etla. Here, for the first time defined the ancestors of the famouscultural city of Monte Alban. During the height of the center, San Jose Mogoteserved as the head of the Valle de Etla. He also had his palace, temples andball game. It was abandoned about 400 years before Christ. Shortly before thearrival of the Spanish was busy again, as a small town farmer.

The Zapotec Calendar
The Zapotec believed that time was not linear but cyclical, major incidentsshould occur repeatedly at predictable intervals.

The main attraction of this historic community is the community museum, housed in the restored former hacienda "El Cacique". This museum contains an extraordinary archaeological room, a room about the history of the property and another on the local struggle for land. The archaeological collection is the product of years of excavation, highlighting exceptional pieces of jade as a figure of 35 centimeters and a brazier-portrait, painted red, known in town as"The Devil chili."

Among the activities that can be performed in San Jose Mogote include walk and bike ride through the community

You can also learn about some of the productive activities of the community, such as milking cows and the preparation of cheese from the area, famous forits quality and good taste.

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