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san felipe alzati, michoacán

san felipe alzati, michoacán

According to archaeologists the site located in Michoacan dating from 1200 to 1500 d. C., considering this fact, as the border between the Mexica and the Tarascan, so its primary function would be the territorial defense. It was discovered in 1963 as a result of an allegation of looting of archaeological pieces that had the members of the community by INAH. However, until 1973 saw the first season of exploration, carrying out general cleaning work and the development of the first sketch. Were restored parts of the pyramids major and minor, and part of the square of the main body, thus was able to open to the public. The site is strategically important, because since it is possible to control the various entrances and set up a strict surveillance of the whole valley of Zitacuaro. Especially the passage of both groups from Central Mexico, Toluca and those who traveled from downtown via Tuxpan Michoacan. The site is located on the southern slope of Mount Zirahuato, also known as Cerro Coatepec, and consists of five groups, which only worked in the main group.The route will start at the Plaza, is square shaped and apparently had a small shrine on the east side, adjoining the main pyramid. To the south is bounded by a retaining wall made up of three staggered slope and west ends on a down slope, which may mean a wide stairway that connects the east by the main assembly. From there you see the main pyramid is the tallest structure that has been explored in the state of Michoacán, has in its north face with an approximate height of 40 meters, and has not yet been fully explored, with the west side of best preserved and restored, has six bodies, uproots staggered slope from one place to run and has a staircase with balustrades in the middle.The smaller pyramid is located north of the site is built with three staggered quadrangular bodies on the south side is a staircase that allows access from the plaza. To the west is a group of most monumental buildings after the main group consists of a rectangular platform on which uproots a quadrangular structure also distinguishes two other small mounds a ramp that joins the main group. A little farther from the central area and 100 meters higher in the middle of the southern slopes of the hill Zirahuato, lies an area that may be used for rooms, consists of a large number of traces of rooms.

San Felipe's Alzati (Colonia Nueva) is located in the municipality Zitacuaro of Michoacan de Ocampo Mexico and is in the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -100.374167

Latitude (dec): 19.490000

The town lies at an average height of 1890 meters over sea level.

The settlement is on the hillside Zirahuato also called Coatepec, with valley views of Zitacuaro.

Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours.
Admission Fee

37 pesos

The San Felipe Canaval of Alzati in the state of michoacan

Zona arqueológica en el Estado de Michoacán.

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