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Fuerte de San Diego, is a sea fortress located in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

fuerte de san diego

El Fuerte de San Diego, is a sea fortress located in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. It is the most important historical monument of the region and the most important sea fortress throughout the Pacific Ocean. An essential part of the face and history of the port, noted for its singular geometrical shape of a turtle.

This important property since 1986 houses the Acapulco Historical Museum, currently under the administration of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which comprises thirteen showrooms. In them, the museum aims to ensure that the people of Guerrero state, identify with the most important moments of their history and, thereby, promoting culture.


In 1615, the conquerors alarmed by the attacks of the pirates ordered the construction of a fort, San Diego, Adrian Boot, who had been involved in the construction of Fort San Juan de Ulua in Veracruz, made the project and carried out the building. At six months, had been completed Knights of the King, Prince and Duke, corresponding to the strip of land and their canvases. Under construction Guadalcazar Knights, The Marquis and fills, when an earthquake hit the work. Repairs were made, the cover and the drawbridge, and, two years later the fort was completed. Artillery tests were performed in which the bullets reach the tip of the faucet, shut them access to the bay, also had barracks, a house for the Castilian, the constable and an armory. In 1776, the fort of San Diego was refurbished by the engineer Miguel Constanzo, leaving a pentagon with five bastions esplanade. For 1783, the work was completed, it seated two thousand men with food and drinking water for the whole year. Later was a convent, hospital and prison.

During independence, José María Morelos took in 1813 during a night assault.He served as a shelter for many families and army officers who guarded him. It is said that there was born the famous phrase: Long live Spain, sister, but not dominating America!.

San Diego is a majestic fort that frames the bay of Acapulco.

Also for the general public, provides factual information related to this site as significant, the ancient fortress shows a summary of its rich past, the culture of the early settlers Acapulqueños, the conquest of the South Seas, trade with the East , piracy in the Pacific Ocean, the military feat of José María Morelos y Pavon and other relevant aspects of the site itself.

The various architectural and historical collections on display in the halls of Fort San Diego, Acapulco, are owned by the museum's own collection and are enriched by loans made by other institutions, such as the National Museum of Viceroyalty and many collectors private, among which the antiquarian Rodrigo Rivero Lake, among others

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