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copala, guerrero

copala guerrero

It comes from two voices Náhuatl Copallitech Chapel-which translated into Spanish means "Place of Copal" and rife with copal.

Copala is characterized by a tropical-type warm subhumid warmer monthsApril, May, June, July and August, especially when there is little rainfall, the highest temperature is 36 º C and lower than 26 º C, it presented in the monthsof December, January and February. The hot weather especially in April, Mayand June, by the humid sea breeze. The average annual temperature is 27 º C.

Its main natural resources are its flora and fauna is very diverse, and their water resources are among the rivers, streams and lakes, the town also soils are verysuitable for the development of agriculture and livestock, but resources mainlyfrom the beaches and open sea.

The resorts that exist in the municipality are Ventura Beach, Beach House and Lake Copala.

It belongs to the Costa Chica region, located southeast of the state of Guerrero, nestled on the banks of the river of the same name and the Pacific Ocean, on the road Acapulco Pinotepa Nacional, Oax., 117 km from the port Acapulco.

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