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The city of Tepic is the capital of the state

tepic nayarit


The city of Tepic is the capital of the state. Nayarit is divided politically into 20 municipalities. Tepic, its name comes from Nahuatl meaning, place the hill in frontof the massive stone. Located at 920 mts. Asl. Their populations are: Francisco I.Madero, Bellavista and Camichín Jauja.

In the capital are amusement parks, beaches and temples with a uniquearchitecture as shown in the majestic Cathedral, as well as the Anthropology and History Museum and the Museum Amado Nervo of the four villages, where weshow the culture of our estate among others.

Tepic is the word of Nahuatl origin, formed by the words "tetl" (stone) and "Picquier" (solid matter), Tepic means "place of massive stones." Other authors believe that the original name comes Tepec, which means "place populated" is also said to be derived from Tepictli, a local variety of maize which means "land of corn." It also means "City between hills"

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