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tlacolula de matamoros oaxaca

According to some authors, the correct name is Tlacolullan, which means "between the very full of rods or between varejonal. " It consists of Tlacoltl, "rod" LOTL, "ending"that expresses what binds something, and Lan, variant Tlan, suffix denotingabundance.

Other authors from the Mexican Tlacolula Tlacololli, which means, something crooked,the genitive of the bully is in honor of Mexican independence hero, Don MarianoMatamoros.

In the Zapotec village known as Guillbaan, which comes from Guill, which meanspeople and baa, grave, so "people of graves. "

is located in the Region of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca and the District of Tlacolula, of which his head is also county seat, is the municipal entity 557 of Oaxaca, is locatedin the Central Valleys Region, at a distance 38 kilometers (40 minutes) from the cityof Oaxaca, belongs to District Tlacolula

The temples of the villages tell us about their culture, traditions and festivities, and the Temple of the Assumption of the seventeenth century is no exception. However, there is no doubt that its main attraction is inside, in their side chapel, which worships theLord of Tlacolula.

Tourist Yú'ù administrator organizes tours to the center of town, the cemetery andAlferes Finance, to the ruins of Lambityeco to Yagul and White Horse

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