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Temixco Morelos The ruins of Xochicalco


The ruins of Xochicalco - "City Place of the house of flowers" -
strength and ground, the work of Zapotec, Maya and civilizations
Teotihuacan, in 900 BC tried to reach the infinite. Large school
ceremonial, the most important at the time still has a number of
enigmas. Headquarters astronomers and religious scholars, which was
Witness one of the most spectacular events of the day
Hispanic, creating a perfect calendar, the first
Mesoamerica. Its palaces, ball game, the pyramid and the main
metro areas are as wonderful as its source. It is here as
oral tradition, the new fire was first born, where young
aristocrats were initiated into the cult of Quetzalcoatl. We can still
find pictures of priests in positions recorded in the eastern
rock. Astrologers quest to unravel the mysteries of the Universe
chasing the stars and the inhabitants live in an exodus
incomprehensible, thus opening one of the biggest unknowns
Mexico. Majestic, mysterious and extraordinary place, which leads to
visitors on a journey through the centuries and beyond reason. Each
June 21, the sun penetrates through a small hole illuminating
underground and demonstrating that these pre-Hispanic ruins your
eternity, than the movement of time.
Assumption Church - This church is located in the center
Temixco and was founded by Don Sergio Méndez Arceo. Opened on 9
August 1952, was one of the first Temixco. This is a
small church with a mosaic of brown, blue and white, 35 banks,
the confessional and a small altar. A large part of its construction
is made of stone, brick and limestone. There are two domes, a
bell, a sacristy, a stack of holy water and 14 figures
religious among them is the Virgin of the Assumption, Jesus
Nazareth, and San Martin de Porras.
Church of St. Andrew the Apostle - the XVII century church is a chapel
modified open with three arches of quarry columns
pitemorphean capital relief, and consoles with the support of heads

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