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Montepio veracruz is the beach "principal" of Los Tuxtla

Montepio veracruz

Montepio is the beach "principal" of Los Tuxtlas. Located at the junction of two smallrivers, Col and machine, in the Gulf of Mexico ideal place for rest made ​​up of themouths of two small streams in the sea. The sand is light brown, slope and gentle waves.

Located in the heart of the volcanic mountains of the Sierra de los Tuxtlas along theGulf of Mexico to the south central state of Veracruz, Mexico, about 160 kilometerssouth of the port of Veracruz.

Getting There:
Federal Highway 180 from Mexico Alvarado Road to Santiago Tuxtla and Catemacolast way. Already in Catemaco take a pirate taxi carrying the bay.

These beaches are pure, have waterfalls, 2 rivers that water has a cold spring and awarm water volcano, the 2 bind to the estuary, the beaches are shallow, which is whyPeople love to visit. are beaches in the mountains with a rich hot weather to have fun,have jet skis, horses, boats, kayak, among much more.

Montepio , with 158 inhabitants in 2005, is the beach "first star" of Los Tuxtlas.

The village is 25 miles north of Catemaco, in the confluence of two small rivers in the Gulf of Mexico.
A narrow bridge near a secondary road in very bad condition, before entering thepawnshop, connects
Two people in April and the beaches further north.

During the offseason, this town is a heaven for those seeking God's forgotten beaches.
Some hotels and restaurants .

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