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Playa San Miguel is a formidable rocky beach ideal for camping

san miguel bay

Playa San Miguel is a formidable rocky beach . tourism field with restrooms and showers, ideal for camping. Around it is one of the most prestigious residential areas in Ensenada, with a particular type which variesbetween California and colonial.

It is a semi-arid area with a number of typical regional cassava, whose side flows a stream that bears the same name and that, during the rainy season, serves as causestorm water from the mountains.

On the beach of San Miguel through the famous San Andreas fault line, so constantlydo remodeling work in the asphalt.

Getting there
This unique find it on the beach 99 km from the scenic road Tijuana - Ensenada, thelast toll booth in north - south, 11 kms north of the city of Ensenada.

Playa San Miguel is known for its unparalleled wave, through which are organizedhere every year, several surfing tournaments, both nationally and internationally. In addition, he is considered an ideal place to practice camping, family recreation andbeach fishing

San Miguel beach is Said to Be the best right hand point break, the waves Meaningtendon to peel Towards the right side of the surfer When Facing the shores. Surfers inSan Miguel dog tubes Also enjoy rides, Wherein waves form tube-like shapes Whichdog surfers ride in or on top of

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