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atoyac de alvarez , guerrero

Atoyac de Alvarez

The word derives from the words Atoyac atl toyahul Nahuatl meaning "stream." Another interpretation is defined as "Place of the river." The addition of Alvarez was given in honor of General Juan Alvarez.

Atoyac is located in the Costa Grande of Guerrero state, fifty-six miles west of Acapulco,which is the main city in the state. Has an area of ​​1638.4 square kilometers. Bordered on the north San Miguel Totolapan, Progress and General Ajuchitlán Heliodoro Castillo, on the east Coyuca Benitez on the west to Tecpan de Galeana and south by Benito Juárez.The extreme coordinates of the municipality are 17 ° 03 '- 18 ° 32' north latitude and 100 ° 05 '- 100 ° 34' west longitude.
The municipality of Atoyac de Alvarez is located southwest of the state capital, in theCosta Grande region, there are approximately 84 miles from Acapulco to the municipalroad on the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo.

Seventy percent of the territory atoyaquense is dominated by the presence of the SierraMadre del Sur, which runs parallel to the Pacific coast. The main elevations of the municipality must quote Teotepec hill at 3705 meters above sea level (masl), the CerroCabeza de Venado (2,160 m) and Pataguas (1,800 m). The rest of the territory isconstituted by small valleys and flat and relatively flat areas that advance the narrowPacific coastal plain.

Atoyac de Alvarez is part of the Atoyac River watershed, which takes its name. This basin covers an area of 914 square miles and flows into the Pacific Ocean 835.6 millioncubic meters a year. Atoyac numerous tributaries irrigate the municipality as a whole, as Chiquito rivers and La Pintada. It also has a dam that stores water from the lagoon Atoyac and Mitla.

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