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Of Nahuatl-tlan Cihua, which means "Place of women" but referred to the gods.
It is located in the north of the state at coordinates 18 ° 27 'north latitude and 96 ° 21'west longitude at a height of 60 meters above sea level. Temapache bordered to the north and Tuxpan, the east Papantla, Poza Rica and Cazones Coatzintla the southand southwest with the state of Puebla. Its approximate distance to the northwest ofthe state capital, by road is 316 km
Its climate is warm-regular, with an average annual temperature of 22 ° C, abundant rains in summer and early autumn.
Tihuatlán is a town with deep Hispanic roots are interwoven with the arrival of theSpanish

It was a pre-Hispanic people of the province of Tuxpan, by decree of 16 October 1963 Tihuatlán village, he rose to the rank of town.

This town is made up of 358 people spread over an area of 828.29 km ² which represents 1.14% of total State. , By 2005 it had 80.923 inhabitants.

It is located in the northern state of Veracruz, at coordinates 18 ° 27 'north latitude and96 ° 21' west longitude at a height of 60 meters above sea level. Bordered on thenorth Temapache and Tuxpan, east of Papantla, Poza Rica and Cazones, South bySouthwest Coatzintla and the state of Puebla

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