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salamanca, guanajuato


The first settlement in what is now the municipal territory, was inhabited by the OtomiIndians, who gave the name of rust, in Castilian means "Place for barren. " As a resultof population growth, and following a request from the townspeople, the viceroyGaspar Zuñiga y Acevedo sent officially founded the town of Salamanca. The name given to the place and it was in honor of the viceroy, as it was from the Spanish city ofSalamanca.

It is located 101 ° 11'39''arc, equivalent to 6 hours 44 minutes and 46.5 seconds oflongitude, west of the meridian of Greenwich and 20 ° 34'22''north latitude, on the basis of tower of the Church of San Antonio. Its height above sea level is 1.721 meters

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