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tecolutla, veracruz


Between the port and river Nautla Tecolutla, lies a coastal strip of intense green color known as Emerald Coast where you will find sandy beaches with gentle waves and soft, spread along 50 kilometers of Guadalupe, Ricardo Flores Magon , The Joist, East Beach, Casitas, Monte Gordo and Maracaibo. The road provides access to a wide range of typical foods you can find in many restaurants where you can find oysters, shrimp, red snapper and fresh sea bass. The beaches are clean and attractive, are immediate to the hotel facility.

Sightseeing Tecolutla

Its beaches are undoubtedly required to visit sites during most of the year the beaches are clear and you can not be in Santa Maria del Mar and Barra Boca de Lima, in both the water is very warm.

Barra Boca de Lima, is a swamp with alligators, the views of the Gulf of Mexico is truly beautiful. Another option to visit Barra Tenixtepec is, there the tide is ideal for water sports and watch the scenery.

In Tecolutla not miss this tourist corridor extends from Nautla to Costa Smeralda.Where you can visit beaches such as La Guadalupe, La Joist, East Beach, Monte Gordo, Casitas and Maracaibo.
As far as beaches are concerned, these are clear for most of the year and have all the necessary services. About 10 km. Tecolutla northwest is located the most important beaches: Santa Maria del Mar and Barra Boca de Lima, whose waters are very warm, to penetrate them, we recommend extreme caution as these look to the open sea. Barra Boca de Lima is also located Lagartos Estuary, full of vegetation and beautiful views of the Gulf. Finally in this same area, visitors can also choose to visit Tenixtepec Bar, located at 32 km. Tecolutla, where the tide is favorable for practicing water sports and the visual pleasure of the natural landscapes of the site.

umbrellas) parking area for camping. Water sports and biking bananas.

South Beach:
The hotel has a hotel, a sports field cabins, camping, beach facilities palapas and umbrellas. Here is the cliffs and river mouth. In the area of ​​the river has tecolutla.-area restaurant, hotel and 3 boat docks for sightseeing on the river and its estuaries Tecolutla are mangrove area to admire the flora and fauna that are characteristic and worthy of admiration, it also has sport-fishing boats at sea and river.

It is located in the central state at coordinates 20 ° 29 'north latitude and 97 ° 00' west longitude at a height of 10 meters above sea level. Papantla bordered to the north, the east by the Gulf of Mexico, south of Martinez de la Torre, west to Gutierrez Zamora and Papantla. Its approximate distance from the municipal to the north of the state capital, by road is 105 km

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