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Chimalapas jungle, jungle zoque

Chimalapas jungle, jungle zoque

The Chimalapas jungle on the border of Oaxaca, Chiapas, home to a tropical forest cover of 600,000 hectares. This vast jungle region is the historical territory of theindigenous zoques who bought it in 1687 to the Spanish crown, has been recognizedonly in 1967. Today zoques communities, supported by numerous civil and academicorganizations, seeking to establish an ecological farm in the heart of the Isthmus ofTehuantepec. The region is threatened by logging companies, ranchers and drug traffickers.
Santa Maria Chimalapas: Located southeast of Oaxaca City, 477 kilometers (296miles) by highway 190 Oaxaca - Isthmus, until joining the Ventosa. From there turn onto highway 185 that goes to Matias Romero to get to Mesquite. In this population,turn right, go to Santiago Ixtaltepec, pass by Lazaro Cardenas and follow dirt road to reach the population. Approximate time: [8:00]
To get to the Jungle, is a walking tour of two hours and to delve into the depths, youwalk eight hours.

Due to its location in an area with complex geology and topography, with extremerainfall gradient reaching 3000 mm in the northern part Zoque Forest is a regionwhere they are presented as 15 different plant communities, from tropical rain forestand cloud forest to pine-oak forests and dry forests.

Location: 87 km north of Juchitán de Zaragoza on highway No.. 185 to MatiasRomero. A 35 km is the deviation toward Santa Maria Chimalapa.
Chimalapas, the large core surviving the great forests of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,is the last extensive area of high and medium forests located further north on the planet.

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