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penjamo guanajuato

The word Pénjamo Tarascan language means "Place of the Sabines.
Pénjamo City, county seat, is located at 101 º 42 '22''longitude west of Greenwichand 20 º 25' 44''north latitude. Its height above sea level is 1.700 meters.
It is located southwest of the state, and has a total of 164 hectares 261.27corresponding to 5.20% of state total. It borders the municipalities of Abasolo,Cuerámaro, Manuel Doubling of Guanajuato, as well as the states of Jalisco and Michoacan. According to preliminary data from the census of 2010 the total municipalpopulation totaling 150, 017 people in total in the municipality, by calculating a population of 40, 000 inhabitants in the City of Pénjamo for the year 2010, of whichMost are engaged in services trade, measured and tourism industry. The city's mottois "Cuna de Hidalgo ", because in the year of 1753 was born in the CorralejoHacienda in the town near the Mexican Founding Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

Houses SQUARES OBSTRUCTED .- Archaeological site inhabited between 600and 900 ad which was built on three sides separated by two streams. In eastern Canada comes from a small stream the stream water born, which was until recentlythe main source of water in the region. West Glen, Canyon The Cuija, water only inrainy season. Consists of two ball games, three pyramids and six main buildings. One of them called The Cajete, by the way, reminiscent of buildings in Teuchitán Guachimontones, Jalisco. Another, the largest of the towns covered call him Homes

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