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Nohoch Mul pyramid construction is not more famous Mayan cutura because the palm carries the temple of Chichen Itza,

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Nohoch Mul pyramid construction is not more famous Mayan cutura because the palm carries the temple of Chichen Itza, but it can boast of being the tallest in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Located in the resort of the Mayan ruins of Coba. After climbing the 120 steps not suitable for those suffering from vertigo, we rose 42 meters above the forest

About the place and its name: It is located west of the village and archaeological site of Tulum, in the vicinity of the town of the same name. As for other sites in the Maya area, there is no epigraphic evidence designed to show the name he had taken the pre-Hispanic settlement, but colonial and ethnographic references in the area, allowed during the thirties of this century, Eric Thompson noted that the name of the site would have been Kinchil Coba, referring to the Mayan sun god's name and a geographical designation that essentially relate to the Mayan words "cob" (or "kob"), cloudy, or chopped, and " has "water, which form the name" instead of cloudy water or bite ", probably referring to the lakes around which the city was built. Other authors, however, offer different translations of the term "Coba", among which may be mentioned "chachalacas water" (to read "cob" as the name of that bird in the region), "tooth gopher ( Maya also "coh" tooth and "bah", gopher) or plenty of water (the "cob", abundance and "has" water). Here we retain the first, as being more reasonable in terms of the geography of the site.

One of the major attractions of Coba is Nohoch Mul, the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula, which rises 42 meters. You can climb the 120 steps of the pyramid to have an amazing view of the jungle and other structures on the site. Another pyramid called the Temple of the Church, which is the second highest in Coba. From above may have a magnificent view of Lake Macanxoc, one of two lakes near Coba, which is particularly rare in a region like this.

Coba is one of Chichen Itza and Tulum, Riviera Maya. The city of Chichen Itza is an hour and a half drive and the city of Tulum to less than 30 minutes. There is a paved road coming out of both cities, through the jungle of the Riviera Maya and lets you explore a bit of natural scenery before arriving. Once on the site can rent a bike to explore the vast area covered by the city

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