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maderas del carmen, coahuila

Located in the municipalities of Ocampo, Acuna and Muzquiz, this protected area is home to 400 species of birds and 70 species of mammals, including black bear, wild boar and puma.

Administered by the National Commission of Protected Areas is considered a wetisland in a sea of desert, so it maintains a wide variety of vegetation.
Its main physiographic feature is the mountains of the Garden, of sedimentary origin,and Maderas del Carmen, volcanic, with altitudes above 2.000 meters.
These mountains are surrounded by the Chihuahuan Desert, which results in a widevariety of environments.
The flora consists of desert scrub, grasslands or grassland, and forests of pine, oakand fir. With endemic species such as mole, squirrel, deer, porcupine, northern,shrews, squirrels and snakes.
Currently carrying out research projects and recovery of degraded areas and ecotourism.
Established a Protected Area of Flora and Fauna in 1994. In 2001, the Mexican company Cemex announced it would acquire private land in the area for conservation. The region was designated a biosphere reserve in 2006.
the culture of the northern region is typically that today have evolved into what is called"Tex-Mex, cowboy roots. Its main dances are the polka and crews. Are instrumentedwith accordion, bass and redova. It is customary to use the hat Tamaulipas, erroneously called Texas and culinary traditions are based on flour tortillas and kid

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