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xtampak, It is located 137 km from the city of Campeche

Xtampak, campeche

It is located 137 km from the city of Campeche, in the municipality of
Hopelchén. Near km 79 of the federal highway 261 is the
deviation to a paved road 32 km that leads straight to
is a 3-level building which has 27 rooms on the first
floor, 12 on second and 5 in the third, taking around a number
44. It has 4 external stairs which 2 are located in the
west of the building and lead to the second floor, the other 2 are
useless and go to the second and third floors. This building has
also two staircases that connect the three levels
the building. Towards the east of the building has apparently
three pyramid-shaped temples with a three-storey building
in the back.
earliest evidence of human occupation in Santa Rosa Xtampak-term
Maya means "old walls dating from the Late Preclassic (300 to 250
BC). During its period of greatest splendor of the city came to have
10 000 inhabitants, approximately

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