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chacala beach, nayarit

Spa coastal beach and port, located 9 km from Las Varas, is distinguished by its extraordinary landscapes of palm trees and lush vegetation that qualify it as one of the most picturesque corners of Mexico. It has an area of 300 m long and 40 m wide, the wave is strong with golden sands and fine texture.

In the surrounding vegetation is abundant, especially palm trees, and crystal clear waters invite you to take a dip together with nice sunlight.

Here you can find restaurant and bar services at the edge of the beach, with delicious fresh seafood, plus there is a hotel, boating services, convenience store and camping.

This beach is excellent for fishing and other water sports. In addition, a large area of forest and palm trees where abundant a wide variety of flora and fauna.

30 minutes from Chacala, towards Puerto Vallarta, is the archaeological site of Alta Vista, where 56 are conserved petroglyphs on the banks of a stream whose age can not say exactly. Besides its historical value, this site is now a sacred place where the Huichol come to make offerings and perform ceremonies.

Chacala is a picturesque beach-town set in a small cove on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Nayarit. It is located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of Puerto Vallarta. The name means "where shrimp" in Nahuatl, and is part of the coastline known as Riviera Nayarit. The population consists of approximately 300 full-time residents, but can swell to over 1000 during the popular periods vacation week in Mexico such as Santa, (Easter Week) and Christmas. Chacala is known for its physical beauty, lifestyle slowly, and the efforts of a small group of socially conscious non-natives and proactive that have dramatically improved the quality of life for residents in the areas of instruction, per-capita-income, health care and social services.

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