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Navolato Navolato is a city in the state of Sinaloa,

Navolato Navolato is a city in the state of Sinaloa,  It has 28.676 habitants.

Navolato belongs to the Central Zone of the state, which comprises the municipalities of Culiacan, Salvador Alvarado, Angostura, and Badiraguato Mocorito. The municipality cane is recommended by the State Government to the Circuit 5, Culiacan-Altata, where there are beaches, fishing and hunting sites, landscapes and tropical estuaries.

Navolato is located in the center of the state between the extreme coordinates of 107 ° 14'00 "and 108 ° 04'50" west longitude of Greenwich and north latitude 24 ° 25'45 "and 25 ° 59 ' 30. " Its proximity to the North is to the municipalities of Mocorito and Angostura, South, West, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest by the Gulf of California and the east and west with the municipality of Culiacán.

Its altitude above sea level varies from zero to 20 m in its upper reaches

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