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the village of El Divisadero, chihuahua

the village of El Divisadero is located in the Municipality of Meoqui (in the State of Chihuahua).
El Divisadero is at 1150 meters

is a spectacular panorama of the big state of nature offers us.
Darkness comes quickly to the rugged canyons of the Sierra Madre and lush stars twinkle against the blackness of the night sky. As the moon makes its journey, the distant sound of drums covers the high mountains carrying his enigmatic message through the canyons.
La Barranca del Cobre, in the highest part of the Urique river shares the name of the river from the point where it joins the barrel of Tararecua. Depression reaches its greatest depth - 1.879 mt. - Ten miles south of the town of Urique.

Their summits - covered by pine and oak - are 2.370 meters above sea level, while in the canyon, Urique River runs 500 meters above sea level, surrounded by semi-tropical vegetation.

The road route into the region of the Copper Canyon Urique and passes through the beautiful community of Creel, a town which is considered the gateway to the Sierra Tarahumara from the East. The first point of observation, 50 km. Creel is Divisadero station and the nearby town of Areponápuchi

Another area of the observation points around the small village of Cerocahui, and can be accessed only by train, as the 105 miles of paved roads that separate it from Creel is not always in good condition. Some of the communities with the best infrastructure in the Sierra Tarahumara are Creel, Divisadero, and Cerocahui Areponápuchi and a regular train service out of Los Mochis to Creel daily.

There are beautiful hot springs in this region. The two best known are the springs of "La Huerta" and is located at the bottom of Urique Canyon and can be reached by way of Areponápuchi

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