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The city lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the parallel 28 ° north, the samethat divides the peninsula of Baja California in two states: Baja California and BajaCalifornia Sur, Mexico. It is located within the municipality of Mulege in the category ofMunicipal Delegation.
Every year the area attracts hundreds of visitors for its proximity to the Parque Naturalde la Ballena Gris, another attraction of Black Warrior is the second largest salt of its kind in the world, producing one third of the world salt. You can make a site visit thismineral processing. That is the main source of income for Black Warrior is also agood place for observing birds, which are concentrated in lagoons and estuaries in the area.
After traveling over 10,000 km from the Arctic to the warm, calm waters of theMexican Pacific gray whales visit for mating and breeding lagoons of San Ignacioand Scammon and the calm waters of the Bay Magdalena, located in the state ofBaja California Sur.
Inside the Black Warrior municipal delegation stands Scammon's Lagoon by the Mexican government declared whale sanctuary gray (Eschrichtius robustus) in the water as they mate and give birth to their calves.

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