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tanacatita, and boca de iguanas, jalisco


Tenacatita is one of the most beautiful bays of the Costalegre. It has an area of 6.5 km. long, has three beaches that are Boca de Iguanas, Tenacatita and La Manzanilla, the sand is fine, yellow, the blue-green water and regular waves, its beach, two kilometers long, is still intact by large tourism developments, therefore, its clear and gentle waves contains a wide variety of marine species such as octopuses, lobsters, crabs, snails and clams, as well as sympathetic observe flamingos flying over the sea.

The vegetation landscape is adorned by countless palm trees, papaya, almond and banana. Also, this is one of the few places the Mexican coast where the sun rises and sets on the seaward side during winter.

You can stay at the hotel Blue Bay Village in Tenacatita, the only one of the bay, which has all kinds of services available to you, as the housing and includes all services, from air and ground transportation, up to three meals a day , free drinks and more.

It is an ideal place for sport fishing, in addition to the calm waters makes diving, snorkeling, skiing, rowing, sailing and swimming background, for most of the year except March and April. You'll also find all kinds of regional crafts such as hats, hammocks, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry boxes made of coral, shell, palm or other materials, as in the vicinity of the tourist attraction there are small towns.


It is a long and beautiful beach of gentle waves ideal for relaxing and watching the sunset here is hosted the largest hotel in the area, the Blue Bay Los Angeles Locos is an all-inclusive where you can find all the services and have all the meals by a single payment which is very comfortable for any tourist, business after I tell you that on this beach you can walk in cayak, swimming, snorkeling and visiting the beautiful mangrove forests that exist in neighboring areas, among other activities. I highly recommend you walk in the morning and feel the fresh air and sand on your feet.

Playa Boca de Iguanas

It's another quiet beach to enjoy, gray sand and shells scattered clarita, masomenos includes a 2 km long and the surf is calm but a little more mobile, there is a place of many inhabitants most of whom are engaged in fishing, but has a few small hotels and inns nearby, this beach you can go horseback riding, biking, running and live closely with nature.

Boca de Iguanas (and the Bay of Tenacatita) is a very popular place for foreigners as well so I recommend you dust off your English before coming and maybe you can make some good friends. If you come from honeymoon you will not regret it because it is a quiet place where I am sure you can live very romantic moments.

Boca de Iguanas is definitely a beach.


And last but not least is the beach of La Manzanilla at the foot of a small fishing village of the same name, this beach if you can find the classic palapas on the beach to eat and sit and enjoy the sea. It is the perfect choice for camping because it has a designated area, but if yours is not the camp also has some lodging options at very reasonable prices, bungalows and hotels, say that this is the next most economically accessible Tenacatita speaking.

Chamomile also has a lagoon that is a protected area that hosts alligators, herons, birds, fishermen, etc., One of its many attractions is the setting up of the amazing mangroves and the tip of a river also has alligators living in their natural habitat.

Here you can also perform all activities mentioned in the other two beaches and of course the beach also has gentle waves due to its gentle slope perfect for the whole family.

Finally Tenacatita Bay has excellent fishing for snapper, tuna, dorado, sailfish catfish and for those who like to eat freshly caught seafood or fish them on their own.

And as I always say, let's keep this area as clean as possible without generating or littering and if you see trash that you have not thrown you, pick it up and put on a boat or any place intended for it, these beautiful beaches and our children will to thank.

To get to Tenacatita can choose to Highway No. 80 which comes from Juchitlan and turn to the altitude of La Huerta, where you take Route 200 that leads to Puerto Vallarta. If you want to stop in La Huerta, we recommend you find the craft stalls that are placed there because you can find countless examples of work in shell otate furniture, textiles and embroidery.

In Cihuatlán also found a Franciscan convent and a church dedicated to Santa Cruz, both of the sixteenth century. Visit them if you have time, and also looked down the beach is unbeatable.

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