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nevado de colima, jalisco

Nevado de Colima

Colima is an ancient volcanic massif located in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico.Its height is 4340 m and no volcanic activity. Its last eruption occurred perhaps a few thousand years and was responsible for covering what is now known as the Valley Zapotlán (Tepic-Zacoalco Graben), which until then was a great depression, and various points of the graben Colima. Its summit is showing signs of severe glacial erosion has made it difficult to determine some aspects of its violent history. Today it is possible to find the snowy pyroclastic materials to more than 80 km from the crater caused by an eruption of catastrophic magnitude avalanches and lahars accompanied by voluminous to be created was not before the Pleistocene. Although it has name "Colima", the snow is located in the state of Jalisco but not in Colima, one is near the state boundaries.
raised in 1998 and again in 1999 after decades of inactivity. Again, in May 2002, dozens of people were evacuated to prevent incandescent fragments were achieved.It is currently considered extinct.
Presents an altitude of 4, 330 m

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