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The Municipality of San Pablo Etla is located in the State of Oaxaca

The Municipality of San Pablo Etla is located in the State of Oaxaca

Population in San Pablo Etla
The total population of the Municipality of San Pablo Etla is 12212 people.

Population ages
The population of San Pablo Etla are divided into juveniles and 7604 adults, of which 666 are over 60 years.

This town is a favorite for many anthropologists, as they have discovered some pre-Hispanic tombs.
They reflect and reveal a little more the way of life of our ancestors, the findings wereproduced by carrying out excavation works for construction.

No doubt, San Pablo Etla of great importance for the Catholic religion, because it hasa church built in the sixteenth century.
People come to this church to give thanks and to receive the blessing of the patron saint.

the town of San Pablo Etla is located in the municipality of San Pablo Etla (State ofOaxaca). San Pablo Etla is 1630 meters above sea level.

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