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mazunte community, oaxca coast

Mazunte, takes its name from a blue crab was once very numerous in the area. This beach belongs to the town of Mazunte, has an area of a mile of golden sands, lapped by warm, clear waters with beautiful shades of green and blue. There are restaurant services, accommodation and rented rooms around
At the western end of the bay is a half moon called Punta Cometa or also named the Sacred Hill. Punta Cometa is Mexico's most prominent mountain in the South Pacific.Its strategic location allows that in this area can see amazing sunrises and magnificent sunsets.

Mazunte Beach now houses the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, which in its facilities with the Living Museum of the Turtle as well as factory Mazunte Natural Cosmetics, now a model of sustainable development in which what is taken from nature, does not break the ecological balance.
Mazunte is a small, quiet place that is trying to get ahead in the eco-tourism, after centuries of being dependent on the now illegal turtle trade in turtle eggs.
Although there are few services, this is a great place to get away from it all and is located just a few miles west of Puerto Angel and Zipolite Agustinillo past. Mazunte Beach is home to an impressive turtle museum - the Mexican Turtle Center. And at the western tip of the crescent-shaped bay is Punta Cometa, the southernmost point of Oaxaca. Also nearby is Mermejita beach, one of the two nesting grounds of Oaxaca for the rare leatherback turtle.

Mazunte beach is the local beach, to the west end known as Playa Rinconcito. The nearby beach of Playa Agustinillo is quieter and better for swimming Mazunte Beach.It is just 3 minutes.

The Mexican Turtle Center research, races, and displays many varieties of live turtles and fish, plus photos and other evidence. Efforts are underway to restore the population of turtles, once abundant. The museum offers guided tours by a modest admission fee (about $ 5 per person.)

In 2010, the roads leading from the main road to the beach have been upgraded, paved with stone

Tourist Information

Visit a tourist information booth in the plaza of downtown Mazunte. Help them find a room, organize boat trips for fishing and snorkeling, with telephone and help with any problems.

You can call the tourist information booth - the phone number is:
01-958 58 58 854 National
International 58 58 854 0052-958

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