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los mochis, sinaloa


The Port of Topolobampo Topolobampo and the boardwalk - The view of the harbor and the boardwalk are impressive. Are north of the city.

The Sinaloa Park Botanical Garden - This botanical garden belonged to Benjamin Jonson

Memory Hill
From here is a beautiful view of the harbor and city.

Fisheries - The Sea of Cortez is beautiful, enjoy this beautiful sport.

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - A small and beautiful church

Maviri beaches - Located just 6 km from the port of Topolobampo and 20 minutes from Los Mochis is this beautiful beach.

Eat some fresh seafood. One of the main economic activities are fishing port, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal from the sea
Weather in Los Mochis Back
The weather in Los Mochis is generally dry and hot. The maximum temperatures reach above 40 ° C and minimum is about 4 ° C. The months of November to end February are the coldest.
begins and ends a trip to the Sierra Tarahumara, crossing through the Sierra Madre in the state of Chihuahua, the Copper Canyon area is larger than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is a rugged and remote region, which for the most part can only be accessed by train. Topolobampo is also the sea route across the Gulf of California near the Baja California peninsula. Topolobampo is also a bay of outstanding beauty and majesty, a few miles stands out to sea, the Farallon de San Ignacio, home to sea lions, a place suitable for fishing and water sports. They can also enjoy in the waters of the bays of Agiabampo, Ohuira and Bandera. Find beautiful beaches and gentle surf fine in Maviri, Punta de Copas, hammocks and white dune.
In this northern region of the state, is located one of the most important hunting areas to which they migrate during the winter thousands of birds from Canada.
So we also have the city of El Fuerte, a colonial city with museums, dams, museums, restaurants, a great place for walking and hunting and fishing.
Ahome exist in many indigenous communities, the major ceremonial centers are located in San Miguel Zapotitlán and Florida, an important sign of their culture can appreciate it during the Easter period.

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