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Lagoon Chichankanab, in the municipality of José María Morelos,

Lagoon Chichankanab (Yucatec Maya:small Laguna )? is a gap that is in the northwest Mexican state of Quintana Roo, in the municipality of José María Morelos,has an approximate length of 30 kilometers ranging from population to that of the presumed Kantemó in the same municipality.

Chichankanab is a system of freshwater lakes that run north to south over 25 miles in a straight line. The system consists of the lagoon, the largest in size, with a total of452.02 hectares and is the largest body of freshwater in the interior of the Yucatan Peninsula. The lake has at least five species of endemic freshwater fish. The formationof the lagoon system, the second largest fresh water of the Yucatan Peninsula is a product of a geological fracture.

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