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cuautla, morelos

Cuautla Morelos

is a county seat town of Cuautla and part of the metropolitan area of Cuautla sharedwith the municipalities of Ayala (Anenecuilco) and Yautepec (Oaxtepec) in the state ofMorelos in Mexico. Its name in Nahuatl "Kuahtlán" means Grove or forest, itsetymology comes from Kuah-uitl, "tree, pole or tree", and tlan-tli, proposition "abundancial" and translates to "Grove or forest" also is said to mean Gathering of Eagles (from cuauhtli, "eagle" and tlan, earth). It is the second largest city in the stateof Morelos.

is also one of the largest producers of ornamental plants and trees of our country, so itis a must go with them and acquire some of the beautiful flowers to decorate their homes.

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