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Capital city of Villahermosa in Tabasco, Mexico

Capital city of Villahermosa in Tabasco, Mexico and head of the municipality of Centro.La city was founded on June 24, 1564 (day of San Juan Bautista, hence its original name) by the Spanish Don Diego de Quijada. Its inhabitants are villahermosino or capital. The original colonial name was "Villa Hermosa de San Juan Bautista", after the Mexican Revolution, was only "Villahermosa" or "City of Villahermosa. Has the largest urban population of the State of Tabasco.

The city of Villahermosa is metropolitan with four other locations belonging to the municipality of Centro, such as: Villa Macultepec, Ocuiltzapotlán Villa, Villa Parrilla 1 ª. Beaches section and Villa del Rosario, and two locations in the neighboring municipality of Nacajuca: Saloya Forest and La Selva. Together, these two municipalities make up the metropolitan area of Villahermosa which includes a total of 664.629 people and places in the twenty-second largest conurbation of Mexico and the second most populated southeast, behind only the metropolitan area of Mérida, according to the last count and the official definition by the INEGI, CONAPO and SEDESOL in 2005. Only the city of Villahermosa was until this year with a population of 558.524 inhabitants according to the Second Census of Population and Housing carried out also in the same year .

The city stands out as a business center and administration of the oil industry and southeastern Mexico. Villahermosa is a modern city with an abundance of natural resources and enjoys being the connection between Mexico City (880 km) and the most important cities of the east and Cancun (900 km), Merida (500 km) Campeche (390 km ) Tuxtla Gutierrez (298 km) and Ciudad del Carmen (168 km). It also is linked with the Republic of Guatemala through the international road-Tenosique Villahermosa-Flores (Tikal).

Known as the "Emerald of the Southeast", is a cosmopolitan city and site of congresses and conventions, has the best shopping, entertainment and services in the Southeast. This city combines modernity and rich cultural heritage with a variety of tourist attractions: parks, such as Tomás Garrido's attractions and the Parque-Museo La Venta with attractive light and sound show, museums, such as Tabasco History , and major entertainment venues such as entertainment and business center of the boardwalk with a variety of restaurants, bars and discotheques, or as the Tabasco 2000 complex, the most modern city, where the main administrative buildings: City Hall and Government Administrative Centre and a Planetarium and the Galeries Tabasco, which has numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and even a 5 star hotel. Only 15 kms from the city lies at the theme park Yumka 'representing the main ecosystems of Tabasco and offers guided tours

Villahermosa Tabasco and everything has been rediscovered by travelers. Today, one of the most important oil states of Mexico, is not just a passing in the search of the unfathomable mysteries of the Chiapas jungle, but a real target at the crossroads between the past and the modern. Perhaps a new civilizing seed is germinating in these warm lands.

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