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Atlixco, Puebla

Atlixco is a town located southwest of the city of Puebla de Zaragoza, capital of the Mexican state of Puebla. He is known for its good climate and great floristic activity, trade and tourism which earned him being called Atlixco de las Flores, the best climate in the world, and Barn New Spain during the colonial era. The last Sunday of September, Atlixco is hosting a festival that brings together representatives of eleven cultural regions of the state of Puebla, a festival that is called Huey Atlixcayotl or "Fiesta Grande de Atlixco" and that cultural heritage status of Puebla. The municipal seat is the heroic city of Atlixco De Mujica and Osorio, third largest city by population in the state, after Capital and Tehuacan Puebla and the fourth largest city after Puebla de Zaragoza, Tehuacan and Texmelucan respectively.

Atlixco is located 40 km from the city of Puebla, on highway No.. 190. It is a pleasure to walk its streets punctuated by mellow buildings, like the house of the hearing, the mill of San Mateo, the Aqueduct of Los Arcos and the building Rascon. Here the seventeenth century left his glory in the churches of La Merced, San Augustine, and in the chapel of the Third Order.


In pre-Hispanic times Cuauhquechollán was known as "Eagle flight" after Acapetlahuacan "Place of reed mats" and then Atlixco. The first inhabitants of the Valley of Atlixco were Teochichimecas. It was also Xicalancas settlement and was subjected to the great Tenochtitlán.

Its geographical position made it the scene of fighting between the various ethnic groups who were seated nearby. The towns of Calpe, Huejotzingo and Cholula were played at various times the possession of the valley in the Spanish arrived was under the command of Huejotzingo. Pedro del Castillo and Christopher Ruiz de Cabrera founded the Villa de Carrion, Atlixco today, the September 22, 1579. In 1632 she was appointed head, regardless of Huejotzingo with eleven people in charge.

On March 3, 1706 becomes a kind of dominion, granted by King Philip V to Don José Sarmiento de Valladares granting him the title of the first Duke and Lord of Atlixco.Due to the events that were raised in the Independence, General Nicolás Bravo, Deputy President of the Republic, gave the title Atlixco City on 14 February 1843.

On October 19, 1847 the battalion Free Atlixco in front of General Joaquin Rea facing the American intervention that had occupied a month before getting beat in the Mexican capital.

E May 4, 1862 during the Second French Intervention in Mexico, the Hacienda de la Trapera atlixquenses and elements of the Mexican army of the republic, under the command of General Antonio Carvajal and Tomas O'Horan clashed with troops in the service Second Mexican Empire commanded by General José María Márquez Leonardo Cobos and composed of soldiers in support of Mexican conservatives sent reinforcements to carry out the Battle of Puebla. This battle culminated in a Republican victory because of this, the conservative group Marquez could not achieve its goal of helping the next day the French troops of the Count of Lorencez at the Battle of Puebla.

Therefore, the Juarez government considered that without the victory of May 4 in Atlixco not have been possible victory of the Battle of Puebla in the forts of Loreto, on May 5, 1862. For this reason, the November 20, 1998, Congress of the State of Puebla Atlixco told Heroic City.

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