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tlaquepaque,is located in the central portion of the highlands of Jalisco

The municipality is located in the central portion of the highlands of Jalisco, which has a regular topography. Most of the land is flat with some hills and highlands little surly. The highest point in town is the Cerro del Cuatro together with the Cerro de Santa Maria is located southwest of the head, with a height of 1860 and 1730 meters respectively. South Hill is located in the tail with a height of 1640 meters.

The climate of the area is dry with dry winter and spring, mid warm without winter season defined. The average annual temperature is 20.7 ° C, and has an average annual rainfall of 919 millimeters rainfall in the months of June through August. The prevailing winds are southeasterly direction. The average number of frost days per year is 5.2.

It's one of those places you dream of shopping lovers. The main area has a large pedestrian corridor, where over three hundred down quaint shops and art galleries worldwide renown for the quality of their handicrafts, pottery made by the hands of the municipality. Tlaquepaque is also a place with strong traditions, and during various festivities celebrating, whose inhabitants are excellent hosts.

The most important parties are: Patron Saint of Santa Anita, are held in the month of February. Tateposco festivities are held in the month of March, Live Judea San Martín de las Flores, which is held annually every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Week. Santa Cruz Day, celebrated every year on May 3 in the "traditional Crucitas, located across the center of Tlaquepaque. June Festivals is an annual fair that begins in early June and ends in early July. Toluquilla festivities, held in the month of October. Fiestas de San Martín, are held in the month of November.

tlaquepaue jalisco

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