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Palizada Township is located in the southwest corner of the territory of Campeche

Palizada Campeche

Palizada is located in the Municipality of beating (in the State of Campeche). It has3061 inhabitants. Palizada is 2 meters.

Palizada Township is located in the southwest corner of the territory of Campeche as part of the plain of Tabasco, limited only by the Municipality of Carmen inCampeche, and west by the state of Tabasco, in particular the municipalities ofEmiliano Zapata and Centla.

Its land area is 2071.70 km ², representing 4.19% of the territory of Campeche, its geographical coordinates extremes are 17 ° 56 '- 18 ° 36' north latitude and 91 ° 39 '- 92 ° 14' west longitude, and all its territory is located at sea level.

The municipality of Palizada records the warm humid climate with rains in summerabundande, the average temperature of all its land area is over 26 ° C, 3 and mean annual precipitation exceeding 1 500 mm, with average rainfall highest in thecountry.4

The great plain that is formed by lowland evergreen cubiera, there are also large areas with pasture and Tulare, in which mostly the sapodilla, Ramon, logwood, mahogany, lignum vitae, and maculis ciricote. In the coastal area in the Lagoon ofTerms and the many inland water bodies coexist and mangrove tule

The Municipality of beatings, is one of 11 municipalities in the Mexican state ofCampeche, located southwest of the territory near the border with Tabasco. Itscounty seat is Palizada.

Encounter was at about 199 km southwest of Highway 186 along Escárcega.

It seeks to promote this locality category magical town.

Palizada owes its name to the great amount of wood dye called logwood, Brazil wood and logwood. His first name was the San Joaquin Palotada after St. Ignatius of the Pale and finally Palizada.

Parque de Palizada

Presidencia Municipal

Rio Palizada

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