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teloloapan, guerrero is a Mexican city of Guerrero

teloloapan guerrero

Teloloapan Township is located at an altitude of 1.635 meters
above sea level, northwest of Chilpancingo between parallels
18 ° 13 'and 18 ° 29' north latitude and 99 ° 38 'and 100 ° 51'
west on Greenwich Meridian.

Teloloapan (Nahuatl: telólotl or telolotli, apan, "pebble or bodoque of
boluda stone, river ',' river pebbles or lumps of stone ")? is a
Mexican city of Guerrero. It is located in the heart of
the Sierra Madre del Sur in the northern part of that entity. It
namesake county seat.

Located at the geographic coordinates 18 ° 22'04 "N 99 ° 52'26" W a
height of 1.860 meters over sea level. In the population
51 crosses the highway that connects the state to the city
Equalization with Ciudad Altamirano

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