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Tecate is a small Mexican town of Baja California ,

Tecate Baja California

Tecate is a small Mexican town of Baja California , located northwest of the country. It is the head of the municipality of Tecate.
The area of ​​the municipality is 3578.45 km ². Bordered on the south by the municipality of Ensenada, on the east by the municipality of Mexicali and west by the municipality of Tijuana, three adjacencies are with municipalities in the state of Baja California, north is bordered by the United States.

Historical Monuments

Architectural: Railway Station, built at the beginning of this century, was part of the railway Intercalifornias; Malta factory, built in 1929, former headquarters, located in the Rumorosa, built in 1924, Gilbert ranch house in Valle de las Palmas Built in the mid-nineteenth century, Town Hall, built in the early fifties, Regional Museum, built in 1986, Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the first temple, built in 1931.A Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo and Lazarus Cardenas, located around the main square of the city, Mother, built in the early sixties.

Tecate dating from the time of the missions and was registered under the jurisdiction of Mission San Diego in the eighteenth century. In 1833 the government awarded the concession to Juan Bandini's ranch. On March 14, 1861 President Benito Juarez declared the founding of the Agricultural Colony of Tecate, with few ranches and farms. The foundation of the town is celebrated on April 2, 1888 and the first map was completed in October 1892.
The flavor of a small community picturesque colonial style, it does Tecate. Tecate is a border city that does not seem, has extensive cattle grazing landscapes, spectacular mountains and giant rock formations. Tecate also is home to renowned brewery. has several spa, with specialized health care recognized worldwide, such as La Puerta. Exist in the environment of the City paintings (ate prehistoric rock).

the town of Tecate is located in the municipality of Tecate (in the State of Baja California). It has 59,124 inhabitants. Tecate is at 540 meters.

weather in tecate

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Tecate- The Wall on the Mountain

Cuchuma de Noche

Cerro del Cuchuma Tecate BC Mexico

Danza de la Tierra al Pie del Cuchuma, 2007




Proteccion Civil, Grupo Beta Tecate


Vista desde el Cuchuma, Tecate

Rancho San Lorenzo

entrada a tecate

Tecate Train Depot, Mexico

Garita Internacional

Tecate Near the Border with US

Plaza Comercial Encinos

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Estadio de beisbol



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