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Jesús María Aguasclaientes

Jesús María Aguasclaientes

The municipality of Jesus Maria was originally known as Xonacatique Nahuatl wordmeaning "place where onions grow" in the years between 1500 and 1702 when set to stay for the Indian cacique Matias Saucedo and Montezuma. In the year 1765 is raised to the rank of Villa by the name of "Jesus Maria de los Dolores" and after theRevolution is when your name is shortened as is currently being kept "Jesus Maria."
Jesus Maria is a city in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes, located 11 km from thestate capital and seat of the municipality of Jesus Maria. It is the second most populous and important city in the state.

The municipality is predominantly mountainous country with a temperate to coldclimate, according to the season.

The main economic activities of the municipality are livestock, agriculture (mainlylettuce) and logging.

For the year 2000 had a total of 64 097 inhabitants.

coordinates 10 º 20 '21' west longitude and 21 º 05 '08' north latitude,

The municipality of Jesus Maria is located about seven miles from the capital of the state in west-central part of the state, at coordinates 20 October 21 'west longitude and 21 May 08' north latitude, at an altitude of 1.880 meters on the sea ​​level.

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