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zapotitlan is located east of Chilpancingo, guerrero

zapotitlan, guerrero

Zapotitlán derived from the Nahuatl words tzpotl: sapote, ti: particle
euphonious and tlan: along or near "along with the sapodilla."

It ignores the founding date of the settlement, but approximately
Tables Zapotitlán 1850 began as town hall, but
irregularly to move from its territory had become a
the municipality of Tlapa to become the state. It is not until
1860 when it is elevated to the rank of the municipality by the Local Congress
being within the district of Tlapa later be called district

Tables Zapotitlán Township is located east of Chilpancingo, a
1.800 meters above sea level. Located between latitudes 16 ° 59 '
and 17 ° 28 'north latitude and 98 ° 45' and 99 ° 05 'west longitude
on the meridian of Greenwich. Atlixtac bordered to the north and
Copanatoyac the south by Ayutla de los Libres and San Luis Acatlan, the
Alixtac and Quechultenango west and east and Copanatoyac Tlacoapa.

Tables Zapotitlán is located in the Municipality Zapotitlán Tables
Guerrero State of Mexico and is in the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -98.781944

Latitude (dec): 17.422222

The town lies at an average height of 1750 meters above
sea ​​level


Desviacion para Acatepec, Tlacoapa y Zapotitlan Tablas... Arturo Castaneda Valle mayo-2011

Poblado Escalerilla sobre la carretera hacia Acatepec... Arturo Castaneda Valle

Por la Sierra Madre Occidental hacia Acatepec...Arturo Castaneda Valle

Caminos de la sierra madre occidental rumbo a Acatepec...Arturo Castaneda Valle

Carretera hacia Acatepec...Arturo Castaneda Valle

Sierra Madre Occidental rumbo a Acatepec... Arturo Castaneda Valle May2011

Subiendo La Sierra Madre Occidental hacia Acatepec...Arturo Castañeda Valle

Carretera a Acatepec...empiezan tramos averiados ... Arturo Castañeda Valle

Carretera hacia Acatepec, Sierra Madre Occidental... Arturo Castaneda Valle

Andando por las carreteras de la Sierra Madre Occidental rumbo a Acatepec...Arturo Castaneda Valle

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